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Custom Design

Custom Designed Commercial Filter System

Commercial and industrial water filtration systems often require custom design in order to meet water quality specifications, flow rate requirements, and space restrictions.

Aquacheme can design your water filtration system to remove any or all of the following contaminants: total dissolved solids (dissolved metals), chlorine, fluoride, parasites (cryptosporidum, giardia), bacteria, viruses, organic chemicals, and particulates. We can also design systems that adjust pH, increase the total dissolved solids, and provide corrosion control.

If your business is in Thailand, Aquacheme will come to your site to do a free site survey. In the site survey, we will examine the installation site, the water quality and the intended use for the water. This will give us the information needed to design the proper system and give you a cost estimate, including installation and maintenance.

Aquacheme's custom-designed Commercial Filter System is easy on your budget. We provide equipment for purchase, rent and rent with option to buy. We have installed systems for hotels, resorts, industrial processing, and other commercial applications, and we look forward to designing a system to meet your particular needs.

To find out more about how Aquacheme can help you with your special water quality needs, call or e-mail us. We will be happy to assist you.


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